Micro-g LaCoste Absolute Gravimeters

FG5-X Absolute Gravimeter New!

A-10 Absolute Gravimeter

FG-L Absolute Gravimeter

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Absolute Gravimeter Comparison Chart

Meter Accuracy Precision Repeatability Temp
DC AC Outdoor
  µGal µGal/√(Hz) µGal °C      
FG-L 101001015 to 30 × 
A-10 1010010-18 to +38×××
FG5-X 215115 to 30 × 

  • Note 1: The FG5-X accuracy is limited by systematic errors that in many cases cannot be determined indpendently and are in some cases based on theoretical estimates. Intercomparisons at TMGO indicate that different FG5s show 1.5 microGal agreement.
  • The FG5 has an accuracy of 5 micro;Gal if the ML-1 laser is used.
  • Note 3: The precision specifications assume a quiet site such as TMGO.
  • Note 4: FG5-X and FG5L can be operated outdoors with a tent and generator.
  • Note 5: Repeatability requires measurement on high quality measurement piers.